How Social Media Marketing Can Break or Make Your Business.

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The Internet has made this world a “globalized village”–this was the slogan two decades ago. Now we can say that the innovation of the Internet has transformed this “globalized village” into a “cyberspace world,” where everything is at our disposal at just the click of the mouse.


From food to running a global enterprise, all things now are available at your doorstep. Computer literacy and Internet savvy have become indispensable in every field, and those who do not know how to operate a computer are considered illiterate. Currently, with a lot of business being conducted online, a different method of promotion is needed, and that is where social media marketing comes into play.


Social media has been cordially welcomed by the world and businesses simultaneously. The Internet is considered the fastest way to get linked with customers; social media also paves the way for emerging entrepreneurs that want to try their luck by starting businesses online.


As every story has two versions, it’s a similar case with the Internet and social media; people who engage in such activities have noticed that this very medium, social media, is the element that can make or break them. One of the reasons that people avoid starting online businesses is that they don’t feel competent enough with social media to use it successfully as a marketing tool.


Social Media Is Faster


Ad posting and changing can be done at a faster pace with social media as compared to placing ads on billboards or in magazines. With the aid of social media, a business’s reach also becomes wider, as social media doesn’t have geographical limits. Both of these features have made many marketing mediums obsolete.

Social media can expand a business in several ways: through ad postings on Facebook and other social sites, pictures on Instagram, tweets on Twitter. All are poised for customer engagement. Jeev Trika of says, “The same goals are achieved as those through conventional marketing methods, but at a relatively smaller cost.”


Social Media Is Economical


Promotion through social media is an economical yet prolific way to expand business. People who have ventured into social media marketing stand witness to the aftermaths of this method, reason being that social media uses these five key elements of marketing: listening, marketing, funding, service and profits.

The basic marketing skills that marketers learn in college are perfectly matched with social media marketing. Social media followers come pouring in to those businesses that use social media marketing, as they feel like they are wanted and their queries are of great importance.


Social Media Is Necessary


Social media marketing is not harmful to your company. In fact, not using social media as a marketing medium is a disadvantage. Thus, the number of businesses that have not adopted social media marketing is very low. Those that opt out are excluding huge profit centers and limiting their reach. Even if a business is targeting a niche, by not using social media marketing, it not only ignores that niche, but also a large chunk of potential customers.

If you haven’t jumped on the social media marketing bandwagon, then you must get on board before it’s too late. Not all businesses have huge marketing budgets, or even the resources of marketing staff. Businesses that market themselves can use social media as one of the weapons in their arsenal of marketing tactics, and find that a lucrative company is just around the corner.

The more you interact with the customer, the more brand loyalty you build.

Source: AllBusiness

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